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Getting/Using Your Breeze Card

Reloading & Managing Breeze Cards Online

Balance Protection

Fare Programs and Policies

Breeze Card Care

 Getting/Using Your Breeze Card

Q:  Where can I get a Breeze Card? How much does it cost?
 A: Breeze Cards are available at any MARTA RideStore, or from a Breeze Vending Machine. The cost of a Breeze Card is $2.00.  Additional fare or value must be loaded on the card at the time of initial purchase.

Can someone help me learn to use new Breeze system?
A: Yes, customer service representatives are stationed in MARTA stations during peak periods to help you use the Breeze Vending Machine and fare gates.In addition, you can call our Customer Service Line at 404-848-5000, from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Weekends and Holidays 8am - 5pm.

Q:   How can I check the balance my Breeze Card?

A: Call 404-848-5000 and use the automated telephone system to check Breeze Card balances.  Balances can also be checked online at www.breezecard.com. Click on the link “Breeze Balance.”  Follow the simple directions and click Submit.  If you do not have access to a computer, be sure to check your local library or community center for free computer access.

You can also check your balance in any MARTA rail station at a Breeze Vending Machine (select Option D On the first screen) or the RideStores at Airport or Five Points Stations

Q:   How do I get my transfers?

A: When you leave a rail station, tap your card on the round, blue Breeze target to load your transfers. Failure to tap at exit will not load transfer and subsequent travel may be affected.  (Transfers automatically load when boarding the bus, so this step is not necessary when getting off a bus.)

Reloading & Managing Breeze Cards Online

Q: Which credit cards can I use to purchase Breeze Cards or reload fares online?
A: Web-sales accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards. If you wish to use your American Express, you must make your purchase at a station vending machine.

Q: Can I register my Breeze Ticket* with my online account?
A: No, the online account is only for Breeze cards. Breeze Tickets* (paper ticket) are not reloadable.

Q: I receive my Breeze card and a monthly product from my employer. Can I register it to my online Breeze account?
A: Sorry, your company issued card is already registered by your employer.  If you use a connecting regional bus service, you may load those fares onto a personally obtained Breeze Card.  Your personal Breeze Card(s) may be linked to your breezecard.com account.  Click here to create an account now.       

Q: Can I purchase Mobility products online?
A: Yes you can purchase Mobility products online. You must have a valid MARTA Mobility Breeze Card and register it to your account. Once you have done this, the Mobility products will be available.  Once purchased they will appear as New Products until you have tapped your card at a station faregate, vending machine or bus farebox.

Q: My purchase is still in New Products; when will I get my purchase?
A: Online purchases are actually loaded onto your Breeze Card once tapped at a MARTA bus, rail station gate or vending machine. Please allow up to 24 hours after the completion of your purchase for use on MARTA bus or Mobility van; and you may use your pass on rail almost immediately. Regional (GRTA Xpress, Gwinnett County Transit and Cobb Community Transit) bus services require 24-48 hours after the time of purchase.   IMPORTANT: Your order will appear in New Products in your account until you have tapped your Breeze card to load your purchase.

Q: Do I need to tap to load products onto a new Breeze card that I purchased online?
A: A new Breeze card is not required to tap to load, your card will arrive preloaded with your purchased trips and you are ready to ride. Average delivery time for a new Breeze card purchase is 2-5 MARTA business days.

Q: Will MARTA sell my email information?
A: No, your email and information is protected. Please see our Terms and Condition for additional information.

Q: Can I load more than one product type at a time?
A: Yes, you may load multiple product types onto your card and they will appear in New Products until you have tapped them at a station faregate, vending machine or bus farebox to begin using the pass.

Q: Can I load a second product of the same type?
A: Yes, first choose the product you want and then click Continue to take you to your shopping cart, then click Back to take you back to the product listing and choose same product. Then click Continue again to take back to your shopping cart where new balance for both products will appear.  Click Continue again to proceed to Payment.

Q: Can more than one fare product be active at once?
A: Yes.  A MARTA pass in addition to one for Gwinnett County Transit or Cobb Community Transit may be active together.  Cash value is not considered as a product and is deducted in the absence of a pass or trips.  GRTA Xpress always defaults to Cash Value on a Breeze Card.

Q: Can two identical fare products be active at once?
A: No.  Products become active once tapped at a station faregate, bus farebox or vending machine only after any current products are expired.   Example: You currently have a 30 day pass that you purchased on the 1st of the month and on the 20th you purchase a 7-day pass; your 7-day will not be activated until tapped after the 30-day has expired. 

Q: I am visiting Atlanta and need to cover travel for 11 days, what shall I purchase?
A: Both a 7-day and 4-day pass.  First the 7-day pass is used followed by the 4-day pass.  Day passes are good for the number of consecutive (calendar) days purchased once tapped.

Q: I have several products on my Breeze Card, in what order are they used?
A: By default, MARTA automatically uses the largest day pass first, then trips if available, then cash.  Regional transit services will default to either their relevant pass first, if available, then to cash in absence of a pass.  Example:  Gwinnett County Transit buses search for a Gwinnett County pass first and if none are available, then it will deduct from existing cash balance.
For more general information about Breeze Cards click here

Balance Protection

Q:  What is Balance Protection?
A: Breeze’s Balance Protection Program preserves the value of your card in the event that it is lost or stolen.  It enables us to cancel the lost card and transfer the balance remaining on it at the time you notify MARTA to a new card you obtain. We will cancel your old card so no one can use it. (You will be charged a $1 fee for the replacement card.) 
Balance protection is a free service, but you must call 404-848-5000 to activate the program on your card.

Q:  How do I sign up for Balance Protection?
A: Call 404-848-5000 today to activate Balance Protection on your card.Customer Service Center 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday, Weekends and holidays closed. Customer information Center hours of operation are 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Weekends and Holidays .

Q:  What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
A: If you have signed up to participate in the balance protection program, call 404-848-5000 as soon as you notice your card missing.  We will cancel your old card and transfer the remaining value to a new card you obtain. If you have not registered for the balance protection program, we have no way to deactivate your old card.

Fare Programs and Policies

Q:  How do I count the days on day passes and what does “unlimited” mean?

A: The day passes begin on the first day they are tapped and continue to work for the number of consecutive (calendar) days purchased.  If you purchase a 3-day pass and tap it on Saturday at noon, the pass will work for the remainder of the day Saturday and all day Sunday and Monday.  The term unlimited means good for an unlimited number of trips for the number of days purchased on MARTA bus and rail.

Q:  How will Breeze work with young children?
A: Up to 2 children under 46” may ride free per paying adult.  To enter a rail station, children must be with an adult who has a Breeze Card. The adult should either carry the child or hold the child’s hand and enter through the wider, handicapped gate.

Q:  How will Breeze work with personal care attendants?
A : Personal care attendants ride free with patrons who use the MARTA Mobility service. 

Breeze Card Care

Q:   If I keep my Breeze Card next to a credit card, will it get demagnetized?
A: No. Breeze Cards do not contain magnetic material, so they can’t be demagnetized.

Q:   If I keep my Breeze Card next to another smart card will it still work?

A: Keeping smart cards next to each other will not damage the cards.  However, Breeze targets and fare boxes may not be able to read your card when it’s next to another smart card. If this happens, simply separate your Breeze Card from the other card and tap it on the target.

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