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The Breeze system collects fares using smart cards instead of tokens or magnetic strip cards. Its features include six-foot, Plexiglas entry gates; interactive Breeze Vending Machines; “tap-and-go” card readers on entry gates, buses and Paratransit vehicles; and a state-of-the-art computer system that links everything together.

The Breeze Card looks like a credit card, but it has a computer chip inside that can be encoded with cash value or a discount pass.

You can visit a RideStore, use the Breeze Vending Machine or go online to add value to your card. When you insert your cash, coins, credit/debit card into the Breeze Vending Machine, Breeze deposits the amount on your card’s computer chip.

When you get on a bus or enter a train station, you will tap your card onto a blue, circular Breeze “target.” The Breeze system will verify that your pass is valid, or deduct the fare from the balance on your card. Breeze will then open the gates or signal to the bus driver that you have paid.

To get your transfers, you will also need to “tap out” on the round, blue Breeze target when you leave a rail station.  Breeze will load your transfers onto your card.  (Transfers load when getting onto the bus, so this step is not necessary when getting off the bus.)

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