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The Breeze® Card is MARTA’s new fare media for use at bus fareboxes, on paratransit vehicles, at rail station faregates and at parking services gates.  It utilizes smart card technology to load, store and use all types of MARTA fare products including timed passes (3-day, 7-day and 30-day), student and visitor passes, per trip passes, transfers, and payment of cash fares and parking fees.  The Breeze Card replaces tokens, magnetic weekly and monthly passes, magnetic transfers and paper transfers.  This Privacy Policy defines the storage and use of information created or obtained through Breeze Card technology.

In this document, “MARTA" or “the Authority” refers to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.

“You” or “the patron” refers to individuals utilizing the Breeze Card for travel in the metropolitan area.

“Regional Transportation Partners” refers, individually or collectively, to other public authorities or entities operating public transportation services in the metropolitan Atlanta Region, including the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA), Cobb Community Transit (CCT), Clayton County Transit (C-TRAN) or Gwinnett County Transit (GCT).

Sources of Information
MARTA and its regional transportation partners collect information through the Breeze system in a variety of ways.

Information is collected when you purchase a Breeze Card and sign up for loss protection in accordance with the Breeze Card Terms and Conditions.  If you pay for your purchase with a credit card or debit card at a Breeze Vending Machine, at a MARTA Ridestore, or at outlets operated by our Regional Transportation Partners, the minimum information necessary to process that transaction is collected.  If you pay for your purchase with a check at any point of sale outlet, the minimum information necessary to process and verify the check is collected.

Information is collected when you order a Breeze Card through our Customer Service Center or through the Web at www.breezecard.com.  Only the minimum information necessary to process payment for your Breeze Card and deliver it to you is collected.

Information is collected when you sign up for balance protection with your previously purchased Breeze Card in accordance with the Breeze Card Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy
MARTA is committed to limiting access to information collected by and contained in the Breeze Automatic Fare Collection System regarding the financial records or travel history of any individual who is a purchaser of Breeze Cards and uses Breeze on the MARTA system or in the systems of its Regional Transportation Partners. In that regard the following state law and Authority policies apply:

  1. State Law provides that financial records and travel histories in the possession of the Authority or any Regional Transportation Partner accepting the Breeze Card are not subject to disclosure to a third party under the Georgia Open Records Act. “Financial records” are defined as social security numbers, home addresses, home telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, credit or debit card information, and bank account information. The names of Breeze Card users are not exempt from disclosure. See Official Code of Georgia §50-18-72(a)(30).

  2. MARTA will not sell, lease, give or loan the names of Breeze Card users, their financial records, or their travel histories to any third party for any purpose. MARTA or its Regional Transportation Partners may offer Breeze Card users the opportunity to “opt in” to receive various informational direct mail and e-mail communications from MARTA and/or its Regional Transportation Partners regarding service changes, special promotions, news updates and other information.

  3. The Authority may be required, pursuant to subpoena or court order, to provide information to legal authorities regarding Breeze Card users in the investigation or prosecution of specific civil or criminal actions. The Authority will comply with all valid subpoenas or court orders, as well as any order limiting, denying or quashing such subpoena or court order.

  4. The Authority and its Regional Transportation Partners may use data gathered from the Breeze Card system to analysis travel patterns, adjust bus and rail schedules, modify routes and service, and plan and implement improvements to the rapid transit system in the region. Such use shall not include the collection of data regarding any individual’s travel patterns.

  5. The Authority processes all Breeze Card transactions through the NextFare system provided to the Authority by Cubic Transportation Systems. Inc. The NextFare system provides encryption designed to protect the transmission of financial information when a Breeze Card user purchases a Breeze Card or adds value to the Breeze Card at Breeze Vending Machines, Ridestores or other Point of Sale outlets, the MARTA Customer Service Center or through the Breeze Web Site.

Changes to This Policy
MARTA reserves the right to change or alter this policy as may be required by law or for other reasons.  MARTA will display any changes to this policy by posting it at MARTA Ridestores and on its web sites:  www.itsmarta.com and www.breezecard.com

Questions About This Policy?
Any questions about this policy may be directed to the MARTA Breeze Card Services at 404-848-5000 or at itsmarta.com, and go to the “contact us “ link.

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